Allied Fleet Services was formed in 2017 to consult with transport businesses on identifying how to improve business efficiency, cost-saving opportunities, increasing profitability, and work on the best reporting systems for our clients.

Our team has since grown from one employee to nine, and we now have over 320 clients currently managed by our agency. We use this to our advantage by creating a bigger buying power. As a result, this improves profitability and increases opportunities for our clients.

We have 37 years of experience on the team, which has allowed us to build a network of trusted suppliers who we consult with regularly to provide our clients with the best deals.


Our Values





We believe in creating savings within a business to increase performance and profitability. Working with our clients, we evaluate how efficient their current operations are, and offer them a transparent partnership outlining what we can do to improve their current position. Our team is passionate about providing a dedicated service and a high level of customer care. Additionally, we offer regular reports to constantly evaluate our service offering an our client’s position.


Customs Clearance Service

In addition to our Fleet Services, our Customs Clearance Service was created in 2019 following the implementation of new customs regulations post Brexit. We have dedicated Customs Brokers on hand 24/7 who work with clients worldwide. They deal with all of our client’s import and export needs across all modes of transport. This service is unique to the industry, offering a one-stop shop for all Customs Clearance needs. We hold strong the value of compliance, to ensure minimal disruption to our client’s business and day to day workload.